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Hair Loss Caused By Birth Control Pills

I wish I knew the exact number of how many women have been thrown into hair loss from oral contraceptives. All I know is the number would be quite high. The pill Loestrin FE began the onset of my female pattern hair loss approximately 8 years ago. After doing a little research on the subject [...]

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A Women’s Hair Loss World

I started the Women’s Hair Loss Project in August 2007 in an attempt to sort of journal my life with hair loss. I was at a really really low point, the lowest point out of all the 8 years I’ve been afflicted with it. The word depressed would be an understatement. Even though I had [...]

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Endocrinologist or Dermatologist - Which Doctor Should I See For My Hair Loss?

I must first clarify and make it known that I am NOT a doctor and cannot provide medical advice, the following post is merely my opinion based on my own experiences.In answer to which doctor should I see for my hair loss, my opinion is that you should probably see both. Most doctors don’t know [...]

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Survey Reveals Northern Ireland Has Second Highest Rate of Hair Loss in Women

An article published today in the Belfast Telegraph written by Emily Moulton, revels that Northern Ireland has the second highest rate of hair loss among women in the UK. The province also has a record number of females suffering from adult acne. According to the findings almost a quarter of women in Northern Ireland are [...]

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